I went into this expecting a mindless monster flick, but the mindless part was really the bulk of it. Light on actual thrills, but heavy on the creepy, queasy tense parts, Crawl is engaging enough for the half an hour of content stretched nearly ninety minutes.

Kaya Scodelario is Haley, a collegiate swimmer with a tense relationship with her father/former coach (Barry Pepper). When a hurricane hits his small Florida community and he fails to check in, Haley drives through the storm to make sure he’s okay. He’s not, naturally, trapped in his crawl space with a swarm of mutant alligators that are out to get him. And that’s it. There’s really nothing more to it and all the jump scares (including one particularly cringeworthy one involving spiders) can’t add much sheen to this derivative, messy, fake-looking flick.

Probably just a notch above a Sharknado, but I haven’t seen any of those so can’t say for sure.

My Grade – D-

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