If you could see that the Avengers was on the TV and there were a shitton of Apple products lying around, this would be me in a nutshell, down to the nikes on my feet. My name is Jonathan, or jonny, if you will. I write stuff. I’ll be talking about that here.

I left my job a few months ago to spend a little time just creating. I’m currently working on scripts, a book, shopping around my pilots, and catching up on entertainment. I have a goal of writing every day, which is working about 80% of the time. While I want to share my random stories here, it does feel like it’s easier to focus on movie reviews. I’ll likely be expanding this to television soon, and will still pepper entries with life updates and other random stories.

I have a dog, Radley. She’s a trooper, and is probably the first thing in my life whose needs I ever put before mine. In the past year, she had a touch of cancer in her hip, lost a leg, tore the ACL in her remaining back leg, beat cancer like a boss, and now just hangs out being the cutest dog ever, in between her physical therapy and acupuncture.

I’m a nerd for some things. I like comic books. I hate comic book fans (a lot of them at least). I like movies (good ones), and TV shows (good ones), and I will probably talk about those things too. I live in Los Angeles. I’m from Nebraska. It’s in the middle.

My family:
Nonie (my Mom’s mom, who, after eleven great-grandchildren, still doesn’t like being referred to as a grandma), me, Dad, Mom.


My House:

Some magnets:

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