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A Quiet Place


The most unsettling thing about A Quiet Place, the new movie from triple-threat John Krasinski (who co-wrote, directed and stars) is that the lack of noise throughout made me really self-conscious about eating popcorn (and chewing ice). Actually, that’s not really true. While the movie itself is rather soft and unobtrusive, it does such an amazing job at creating interminable tension (a loose nail here, slow-moving monsters there) that the anxiety-inducing audibility of popcorn chewing was barely top 5. I can’t think of a recent movie so good at exploiting the audiences own uncomfortableness since 10 Cloverfield Lane, which is mildly interesting since A Quiet Place could’ve easily slotted into the Cloverfield mythos.

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Really, for being a film about a virginity pact and with that visual pun of the rooster in the ads, Blockers is so much better than it deserves to be. Despite the fact that it made me laugh throughout, it is also a broad comedy with fantastically well-drawn characters with believable relationships, evident and honest motivations, and a great heart. Credit that to director Kay Cannon (writer-producer of 30 Rock, and the Pitch Perfect movies) who maintains a delicate balance between dick jokes and complex familial dynamics. Continue reading

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Marvel re-view – Phase One


Because I’m a nerd I watch and enjoy a lot of movies, and comic book movies especially. And because I’m an obsessive nerd I often make lists and rankings for no reason other than to express my joy and amusement (or lack thereof) on any given set of parameters. It’s not uncommon for my friends and I to talk about our list of the best Marvel movie with every few releases. I haven’t done this in a few movies and I’m actually quite curious, and given that this month will see the 18th Marvel movie (Avengers: Infinity War), its biggest yet, I decided to revisit all the Marvel movies before redoing my rank after viewing Infinity War. Some I’ve only seen once, others I can’t even count, but now I’m rewatching with this specific focus in mind. Here I’ll recount my thoughts as I work through each phase, before unveiling my list in May after the Avengers has time to settle.
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