Joshua Tree and the Perseids


It’s been a busy month, so much so that documenting it has taken a back seat to experiencing it. One of the greatest weekends spent a fortnite or so ago, was going out to Joshua Tree for Perseid meteor shower. Every year, as we tilt properly towards the night sky, a bevy “shooting stars” and the like can be witnessed. Leaning into that prospect, a few friends and I traveled into Joshua Tree where the local area is less encumbered by light pollution. During the days, we’d hike around in the obscene heat, while at night we’d play games, drink, and during what is normally my bedtime, we’d drive into the park and stare up the sky, collectively marveling “look at that!”, “did you see that one?” and the like.

It was amazing, and really a way to balance your significance in the universe. I don’t have any pictures that capture the night sky, those views will just have to exist in my memory, but I do have a few from the rest of the weekend. Recorded here for no real reason.

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