Better Watch Out


There can be something refreshing about a movie you have no knowledge of or expectations for. I only knew of Better Watch Out because of a Thai-language trailer and a brief glimpse of Patrick Warburton (which is what led me to the movie’s title). He’s only in the movie about thirteen seconds longer than that, which is fine because it’s not like I’m some sort of Warburton fan. Not against him either, but really this is a huge digression. The movie concerns Luke (Levi Miller), the son of Warburton’s character (and, also briefly, Virginia Madsen). For some reason (plot!), Luke needs a babysitter – enter the fetching Ashley (Olivia DeJonge), the prototypical high-school babysitter, complete with wavy blonde hair and boy troubles.

It begins with a prank phone call, then a full out assault on Ashley and her young ward. Or is it? Things aren’t what they seem at the beginning, but they aren’t that surprising after the initial twist. Every plot step is ridiculous, sometimes in a good way, but mostly expected when you know you’re watching a horror-comedy hybrid that is neither scary nor particularly funny. Miller is a charming lad, an engaging presence and his playful chemistry with DeJonge makes the film watchable at least. It never really tries to say anything or attempt anything other than a laugh or a shock, but it’s a harmless shrug of a film. Not offensive, easily forgettable.

My Grade – D

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