The Lego Batman Movie


There’s a lot of good stuff in The Lego Batman Movie: great voice talent, a clever story, fun visuals, and wall-to-wall laughs. It’s also the only major Batman movie where Batman happens to be the most interesting character.

Voiced by Will Arnett, who introduced his Batman in 2014’s Lego Movie, this Batman is all-brood and ego, with a cool toys, a killer wardrobe, and a nine-pack (oh yeah, he has an extra ab). When confronted by an all-star super-villain assault (and I mean all-star, with baddies from major movie franchises going back decades), Batman is forced to reluctantly team-up with overachiever Commissioner Gordon (Barbara, this time), loyal manservant Alfred, and his accidentally adopted ward Robin.

It lacks the emotional depth of the Lego Movie, but it more than makes up for that in jokes that will land with both kids and their parents, and anyone familiar with the Batman mythos.

My Grade – B+

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