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Mission: Impossible – Fallout


Continuity has never been the strong point in the Mission: Impossible movies, other than lead character Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), very few things carry over from movie to movie. Sometimes you get Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg, you never get the same female character twice (other than a quick flash of Ethan’s wife Julia from MI:3 (Michelle Monaghan) in Ghost Protocol (AKA MI:4). With Fallout, writer-director Christopher MacQuarrie (also the first director to return as he helmed the last installment Rogue Nation) may have crafted the tightest, tensest and arguably best installment of the franchise, by actually playing into the continuity of the franchise.

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American Made


I go back and forth on Tom Cruise. I get why he’s a movie star. He’s definitely an evolution of the 50s icons like Jimmy Stewart, William Holden and Joan Crawford; actors who may not have had a deep reservoir of talent but could use their charisma and presence to command the big screen. Cruise isn’t a great actor, but he is much better served in roles like Barry Seal in American Made, where he can capitalize on his inherent charm to give life to a character that could come off as just another asshole in the wrong hands. Cruise’s wheelhouse is in being an endearing asshole (Magnolia, Jerry Maguire).

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