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Top 10 Movies 2017


10. The Disaster Artist

While ostensibly about the making of The Room, aka the worst period movie period ever exclamation point, The Disaster Artist is actually more about the strength of friendship. Dave and James Franco both do a wonderful job of taking characters that could’ve been punchlines, and presenting them as thoughtful, three dimensional creatures.

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The Post


Meryl Streep. Tom Hanks. Steven Spielberg. It’s so easy to take for granted how good these titans are, it’s almost boring to see them churn out another great film. But the triumvirate at the center of The Post, which details the newspaper’s salvo into political prominence with its publishing of classified government documents regarding the Vietnam war, deliver an exhilarating, thrilling testament to the importance of a free press. The movie is timeless, the fashion and setting of the early 70s don’t choke the film with nostalgia, and yet it’s also, almost accidentally, the perfect movie for our current existence: an aggressive, contrarian president who cultivates a distrust in the media while seeking to bury his own criminal activity (you know, allegedly). It’s also a movie that explores the rise of feminism through Post publisher Kay Graham (Streep) and her authority, as it is questioned, challenged, and undermined by the men that surround her.

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