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Roseanne (2018)


Over twenty years since the original ended and nearly a year since the reboot was officially announced, Roseanne has finally returned to the airwaves. Two episodes premiered back-to-back on Tuesday and focused on the return of America’s favorite blue-collar family. Right from the start, they addressed Dan’s death (which was revealed in the finale and ignored here) as Roseanne (dressed in the infamous chicken shirt) wakes him up from beneath his C-Pap facemask. It’s good that they did away with the dreadful final season completely (the Conner clan didn’t win the lottery either) but it was still a bit of a rough start.

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Lady Bird

lady bird

Quirk sometimes plays better in a trailer than in an actual film. A bite-size nugget of peculiarity is more palatable than an exhaustive two-hours of it, and while the trailer for Lady Bird suggests a movie full of quirk, there’s that shot from the opening scene where the titular character jumps out of a moving car to end an argument with her mother, but what is truly great about Lady Bird the film is how every single moment is played for honesty over anything else.

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