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Game of Thrones – Episode 8.4 “The Last of the Starks”


Synopsis: After the devastation of the last episode, we begin this one saying goodbye to the fallen. The good guys prepare a funeral for the men and women that died in the battle against the night king, dozens of pyre’s are set up, with Daenerys getting a final moment with Jorah, and Sansa pinning a Stark pin on Theon. Jon offers a eulogy, as the survivors look on, then they set fire to the bodies. In the great hall, there’s a quiet celebration until Daenerys spots Gendry and loudly proclaims him a true Baratheon and offers him Storm’s End. Everyone offers their cheers and the dinner grows more celebratory. Tyrion notes to Daenerys that making him Lord ensures his support. Sansa seems to have also put that together herself. Jaime toasts with Brienne. Davos and Tyrion talk of Melisandre. Tyrion sidles over to Bran, calling him the Lord of Winterfell, but Bran notes that he doesn’t want the position. He doesn’t want anything. Jaime, Brienne, Tyrion, and Podrick play a drinking game. Tyrion surmises that Brienne is a virgin, but she excuses herself. Tormund tries to get close to Brienne, but Jaime blocks him and follows her out. As Tormund celebrates Jon, Dany notes how much respect Jon claims in the North. Varys catches on. Sansa and the Hound reconnect. Clegane notes how much she’s grown since their time together in King’s Landing. Clegane suggests things might have been different if she left with him, but she says what’s happened made her who she is. The revels continue as Gendry searches for Arya. When he finds her practicing her archery, he tells her that he’s been legitimized and proposes to her. She kisses him, but lets him down gently. Being a lady is not her. Jaime finds Brienne in her chambers, and they consummate their relationship.

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