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Won’t You Be My Neighbor


It feels a little weird to ding a movie like Won’t You Be My Neighbor, a good-intentioned, well-meaning, feel swell montage about Mister Rogers. Fred Rogers was the iconic creator, writer, star and host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, that saccharine children’s show that made him one of the first heroes of all youngsters growing up in the 60s, 70s, 80s into the 90s. His aw schucks charm, and inability to talk down to kids made him a comforting and friendly force for television. But, and maybe this is a spoiler alert, turns he was every bit as good and wholesome as his image suggests. And therein lies my quibble. While Neighbor will undoubtedly make you feel good about the universe, especially the one we live in now, where hatred, cynicism and division reign supreme, there’s really no conflict to the story at all, which results in a collection of clips and interviews strong in emotion, but lacking in conflict.

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