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Ranking the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Top 20)


20. Thor: The Dark World

Just a weak effort across the board and not something I can think of anything more about which to say.

 black widow

19. Iron Man 2

A great thirty seconds introducing Black Widow amidst a two-hour pile of something steamy.

 dr strange

18. Doctor Strange 

Just not anything I ever got invested in, despite the intentions of a decent director and strong performer.


17. Thor

I always hated Thor as a character and this movie did nothing to alter that perception. I always loved Natalie Portman as an actress and this movie did a lot to alter than perception.

The Incredible Hulk (2008)

16. The Incredible Hulk

Better than expected, but also ultimately forgettable.



15. Iron Man 3

Really it made it this high by the sheer suckiness of those movies below it.


14. Ant-Man and the Wasp

Okay, just…okay.


13. Iron Man

I’m sure lower for me than most, but despite a great pairing of actor and character, it’s a lot of boring mixed with a couple moments of decent.



12. Avengers: Infinity War

Will be curious how this will fare in hindsight after the sequel is released.


11. Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 

Almost a perfect split between the good movies and the disappointing. This one firmly in the middle.


10. Captain America: The First Avenger

Much better with hindsight than how I thought the first time. Chris Evans didn’t fully become Captain America until the Avengers, but he’s always had a firm hold on Steve Rogers.



09. The Avengers: Age of Ultron

Also fares better with repeat viewings outside the weight of the expectations it was saddled with upon its release.



08. Ant-Man

A fun movie made even more so with great casting and an interesting story to tell.



07. Thor: Ragnarok

Carried higher by the strength of its humor. Chris Hemsworth finally figuring out his wheelhouse.



06. Spider-Man: Homecoming

Really wanted this to be top five, but it’s a strong runner up.



05. Guardians of the Galaxy

At any given moment, any film in the top five could duke it out for numbers through five, and this one feels lower than it should be.



04.  Captain America: Civil War

This one definitely feels too low, but if it was a ranking of fight sequences, it would be number one. Still, has a rewatchability factor that is unquaintifiable (at least given my history)



03. Black Panther

Will be curious to see if there will ever be a strong challenger for its role as the greatest standalone introduction.



02. The Avengers

I could probably rank this number one for being the first MCU film to actually feel like it took every childhood wish and put it on screen.


winter soldier

01. Captain America: Winter Soldier

I just don’t know that everything will ever gel as much as this one for being not only a near-perfect movie in the MCU, but just a near-perfect movie full stop. While my rankings of 2 through 5 were difficult to place, there was never a doubt this would end up on top.

Marvel re-view – Phase One

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Marvel Re-View – Phase Three

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Avengers: Infinity War


As a Marvel movie, the latest installment of the Avengers, Infinity War, is an exciting, non-stop action, thrill ride. And it’s a lot of fun. As a film in and of itself, it doesn’t really work. Taking for granted you have intimate knowledge of the characters and plot points of the previous movies (which I do), the movie doesn’t do anything to establish characters or even give any of them time to breath. It’s essentially one big action sequence divided amongst five different set pieces. Continue reading

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Marvel re-view – Phase One


Because I’m a nerd I watch and enjoy a lot of movies, and comic book movies especially. And because I’m an obsessive nerd I often make lists and rankings for no reason other than to express my joy and amusement (or lack thereof) on any given set of parameters. It’s not uncommon for my friends and I to talk about our list of the best Marvel movie with every few releases. I haven’t done this in a few movies and I’m actually quite curious, and given that this month will see the 18th Marvel movie (Avengers: Infinity War), its biggest yet, I decided to revisit all the Marvel movies before redoing my rank after viewing Infinity War. Some I’ve only seen once, others I can’t even count, but now I’m rewatching with this specific focus in mind. Here I’ll recount my thoughts as I work through each phase, before unveiling my list in May after the Avengers has time to settle.
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Top 10 SuperHero Movies

When I was a kid I was always super excited at the thought of going to the convenience store down the street (Bushy John’s – for real), to pick up new comic books. On special occasions, my father would drive me across town to the comic book store – Dragon’s Lair (named after and including the arcade game) where I could go to town on obliterating my allowance. I grew up wanting to be a super-hero, someone like Hawkeye, because I knew that I probably wasn’t actually going to develop super powers (although a part of me still holds out hope). As I grew up, I took a hiatus from comics when I discovered girls, and my entertainment outlet shifted to movies and TV. About a decade later, I came across a Wizard magazine where I learned that one of my favorite artists as a kid (George Perez) was drawing one of my favorite childhood comics (the Avengers). I’ve been buying comics every week since.


I always dreamt of going to Comic-Con as a kid. Back then it was just comics, but now it is a pop culture touchstone and covers more non-superhero entertainment than it does the spandex set. It’s the perfect representation of my problem. One of the more difficult things for me to reconcile, as a massive devourer of all things entertainment, is trying to serve the comic book fan in me while also serving the movie fan in me. This is not as easy as you would think, as a fair number of comic book movies are crap.
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